Glioma is a type of cancer that develops in the glial cells of the brain. Glial cells support the brain’s nerve cells and keep them healthy. Gliomas are classified into Grades I, II, III or IV. Mutations in IDH1 are present in the majority of adult Grade II and III tumors (categorized as lower-grade glioma, or LrGG). IDH1 mutations are observed in about 75% of lower-grade gliomas, where there are no targeted therapies approved. There are approximately 30,000 patients diagnosed with IDH1+ LrGG in US, Europe and China each year.


AB-218 is a mIDH1 inhibitor that has reported blood brain barrier penetration for multiple solid tumors with mIDH1 mutations.

Phase 1 clinical trials of AB-218 in glioma patients have demonstrated promising efficacy and safety profiles in 12 non-enhancing and 35 enhancing glioma patients. The objective response rate (ORR) was 33% and 17.1% in non-enhancing and enhancing patients, respectively.